Welcome to Dublin Lacrosse

The Dublin Lacrosse Club was founded in 2005 by a group of passionate players who had nowhere to play after graduating. To this day, Dublin Lacrosse is the only club team in Ireland. The club has been going from strength to strength each year, teaching a new wave of Irish lacrosse players. Since its inception the club has had a hand in developing the next wave of Irish talent, with many Dublin Lacrosse players having represented Ireland internationally.

If you’re an ex-pro or complete novice and want to play lacrosse in Dublin, then simply navigate to our Contact Us page and get in touch!

A little bit about lacrosse itself

Lacrosse is often referred to as the fastest sport on two feet. It’s a combination of basketball, hockey and football and was originally invented by the Native Americans. They used it as a means to resolve conflict or to train warriors. Due to its roots, the sport is still the most popular in the US and Canada. However, the lacrosse fever is spreading rapidly among other continents and countries, too, including Ireland.

Photos by Alex Barnes-Auld