The first game day of the Women’s Newtownards Cup took place in UCD on the 11th of October.

The Avengers Women played two matches against UCD Blue and UCD White.


With UCD Blue being Dublin’s number one rival, it was expected that the first time they would meet in the league would be a competitive match. As the match was the first match of the day, players were not focused or playing their best as the game began. A friendly team talk from temporary goalie Katelin Billups soon set everyone straight and we all began to play together as a team. It was a tight match for the most part but unfortunately UCD Blue managed to pull away at the end of the second half to come away with a 9-6 win. We’ll get them in Galway…

The match saw strong play from several players with goals from Aoife Ferguson and Katelin Billups and newcomer Beata Juchniewicz. However, Maria Sheehy stole the show scoring three goals in her first match back in Ireland Lacrosse. Safe to say the Avengers are happy she has returned! There were also assists by Anna Bischoff, Stefanie Haeuser and Meabh Kavanagh. Katelin, while she was missed on the field, was great in goals with five saves.


The second match of the day saw the Avengers take on UCD’s White team. This showed more strong play by the Dublin women and resulted in a 21-0 victory. The result was made up of goals from seven different players. Top scorers for the match were Aoife Ferguson (3), Katelin Billups (5) and Maria Sheehy (7). Other goal scorers were Aisling Casey (2), Anna Bischoff (2), Stefanie Haeuser (1) and Beata Juchniewicz (1). Assists came from Evanna Murphy (1), Aisling Casey (2), Stefanie Haeuser (2), Maria Sheehy (1) and Beata Juchniewicz (1). Erin Woods played in goals and was another strong edition in the cage.


Player of the Gamedaymaria

A new introduction to the DALC Ladies team for the 2014-15 season will be a Player of the Game Day. This is to recognise someone who stood out on the day for their skills and contribution to the team.

The first Player of the Game Day is…Maria Sheehy!

Maria has been absent from lacrosse in Ireland for a while due to studying and working abroad. Thankfully, she has returned to Ireland again and the Avengers are lucky enough to have her on the squad. Maria returned with a bang scoring ten goals for the Avengers throughout the two matches! She also demonstrated skill in other areas on the field and so is the deserving winner of the award*


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*Some day we will have actual prizes… for now its the pride and glory 🙂


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